Bandcamp Roulette: Good Ol' Blistering Death Metal From Corpsessed

Bandcamp Roulette: Good Ol' Blistering Death Metal From Corpsessed

- By Corinne Westbrook

Corpsessed may be 15 years into their career, but not enough people know or love them, and that needs to change! If you’re a fan of arm-flailing, horror-infused, crunchy, riffy, cavernous death metal, then stop what you’re doing and give Succumb to Rot a spin NOW!

We are in the midst of a death metal revival, with the most gruesome, tar-covered leviathans coming out of the woodwork to shred your soul. Corpsessed bring a level of catchiness to death metal that sets them in a whole other tier. Beginning with title track “Succumb to Rot”, this album is an unstoppable beast from the first unsettling notes, to the classic “you’re about to die” 4 hits of the cymbal.

“Relentless Entropy” piles sickening riffs on top of sickening riffs on top of a circle pit inducing rhythm. “Spiritual Malevolence” is almost cosmic in nature and shifts from pure violence to haunting and violent. The pacing of this album must be noted. Corpsessed know when to kick up the brutality, but also when to dial it back and give the listener a new, but no less dark, texture to explore.

From high, long screams, to classic guttural bellows, the vocals on the album showcase a swath of talent and exploration for a band solidly in the death metal genre. Painful but methodic in its execution, Succumb to Rot touches on everything but doom to black metal through the lens of death. Wrapping up the album we have “Pneuma Akathartos” that is a solid summary of the album as a whole, but also ends things on an ungodly, “dancing around a bonfire made of bodies” rhythm.

Corpsessed has been kicking around for 15 years and this marks their fourth full-length album. Nonetheless, they need to be on every single fan of death metal’s radar. Get your copy of Succumb to Rot HERE.

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