Bandcamp Roulette: Heavy Soundscapes And Hybridized Genres From Monosphere

Bandcamp Roulette: Heavy Soundscapes And Hybridized Genres From Monosphere

- By Corinne Westbrook

Our own Cori Westbrook tackles progressive post metalcore from Germany that balances the ethereal and the cathartic.

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Monosphere are a post-metalcore/pregressive band from Mainz, Germany who deliver a heavy and forward thinking album with The Puppeteer. Experimental and modern Monosphere breaks the metalcore mold and shows that the genre still has so much territory left to explore. Between ethereal moments is abrasive, but high energy riffing, furious vocals, and the ability to tell a story with their music.

The album’s opener “Sheer Strings” sets an ominous tone with sweeping synthesizers abruptly shifting to title track “The Puppeteer”, which is full of precision guitar work and jus the right amount of groove. The technicality builds throughout the album, while moments of ambiance give the album room to breathe and the chance to experiment with some neo-classical and post-rock elements.

“The Marionette” is a tortured track that veers into shoegaze territory, and becomes more sinister and anxiety indusing as the track progresses past its somber opening to a more furious close.

This is an album with so many layers and components that describing it would inevitably be reductive. The Puppeteer is something you need to experience from beginning to end to fully decipher the story of the album. And when you debut this strong, one can only imagine what the follow up will be. Released on November 26, 2021, you can grab your copy HERE.

Track List:

  1. Sheer Strings
  2. The Puppeteer
  3. The Luminary
  4. The Disconnect
  5. The Lover
  6. The Verdict
  7. The Marionette
  8. No Strings Attached
  9. I Am To Blame
  10. I Am In Control, Pt. I
  11. I Am In Control, Pt. II
  12. I Am In Control, Pt. III
  13. I Am In Conflict, Pt. I
  14. I Am In Conflict, Pt. II
  15. I Am In Conflict, Pt. III

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