Bandcamp Roulette: Step Into Spider God's Web Like A 'Fly In The Trap'

Bandcamp Roulette: Step Into Spider God's Web Like A 'Fly In The Trap'

- By Corinne Westbrook

Check the genre-bending, macabre-latent concept album that delves into the mysterious, still-unsolved death of Elisa Lam.

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Spider God are a melodic black metal band from the UK that fuse together traditionally icy black metal elements and hyper-melodic metal that borders on pop in structure. Intriguing and very well executed, Fly In The Trap is a frosty thematic web of isolation and horror.

Fly In The Trap is a concept album based on the mysterious and still-unsolved death of Elisa Lam. The young Chinese-Canadian woman was found submerged in the rooftop water tank of her Los Angeles hotel in 2003. Spider God plies their trade in the black metal realms with this grim topic, mastering both interesting song structures and intricate story-telling, fusing both reality and fiction.

From the opening riff of “The Fifty Second Murderer”, Fly In The Trap is catchy and enthralling. They make effective use of the bright side of black metal, with sharp guitars, clear production, and a brash tone. The band's upbeat nature becomes even more jarring as you delve deeper into the subject and story of the album. There is something deeply unsettling about the pop undertones with such a dark topic.

The head-banging stomp of "Traces of Hubris" pays homage to the thrash and death metal roots of black metal as the band mixes their epic dynamics with savage rhythms. The (almost) title track "Flies In The Trap" does in deed wrap you in the delicate threads of an inescapable melody.

From beginning to end, Spider God show that they are not only accomplished musicians, but effective story-tellers. In true true-crime fashion, the album mixes fact, fiction, and speculation to weave a haunting tale. Just as Lam and the detective assigned to her case found themselves lost, you too will be lost in the web of this morbid yet seductive album.

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