Bandcamp Roulette: Not Your Typical Grindcore With MICO's 'Zigurat'

Bandcamp Roulette: Not Your Typical Grindcore With MICO's 'Zigurat'

- By Corinne Westbrook

Boasting elements of black and death metal, the Colombia grindcore outfit assert an expertise in musical extremity that is purely relentless.

Relentlessly punishing and deeply immersive, MICO’s Zigurat is not your typical grindcore album. The hallmark shortness of grindcore tracks are all but abandoned. Instead we have interesting black and death metal influences giving the album texture and breadth.

The album kicks off with “Impío Serafín” which feels very grand and sets the stage for an exciting release. After the world-building style intro, the track shifts straight into violence. “Zarpa”, the shortest track featured on the album, is a whirlwind of fury, while “Yunque” slows it down to a lumbering beast of a track.

“Insufrible Espanto” follows a brief interlude and shoves you right back into violent “break-shit” form. The title track pulls strongly from black metal roots, with blistering drums and tortured vocals. “Ecdisis” brings a mournful layer to the album, adding more depth. Without too many spoilers “Cielo Viciado” brings back the grand nature, with an almost post-metal opening, to round off the album the way it began: with a tidal wave of sound.

Hailing from Cali, Colombia, and founded in 2012 MICO is visceral and primal in nature, obliterating what you would expect from grindcore and adding depth and dimension to the genre. You can buy your copy of Zigurat HERE.

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