Bandcamp Roulette: 'Reset' Your Perspective With Alternative Metal Outfit Anova Skyway

Bandcamp Roulette: 'Reset' Your Perspective With Alternative Metal Outfit Anova Skyway

- By Corinne Westbrook

The artist discovery series with Cori Westbrook features the Texas-based unit bridging progressive songwriting with alternative heft.

Anova Skyway out of Texas are making progressive/alternative rock for the soul. Dark and passionate, Reset showcases a band that knows themselves and their sound and isn’t afraid to be raw and emotional while also creating something beautiful rather than strictly visceral.

“Translucent” opens up the album with a slow build to an anthemic rock chorus. It sets a grand and emotional tone for the tracks to follow. Vocalist Mike Palacios showcases what he is capable of right from the get go with impassioned and powerful clean vocals before a twist of aggression in the bridge.

“Absent” is almost spacy and cosmic in its delivery. This track allows some breathing room for the other members - guitarists Andrew Alvarez and Sean Gary, bassist Cory Miles, drummer Mike Marksberry, and Frank Alonzo on keyboard and synths - to come through and really show that this is a well rounded outfit with a lot of talent.

Things pick back up with the aptly named “Spark” which shows some more progressive elements that the band is capable of. The overall mix of post-hardcore, progressive and rock, with both clean and aggressive vocals create an approachable but dynamic sound overall.

The album wraps on “Horizon” , a powerful track that really pulls the album together. Each track on this album is a microcosm of the album as a whole, building its own little world while also building upon itself.

Reset marks the 3rd album from Anova Skyway. You can get your copy HERE.

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