Bandcamp Roulette: Skate Punk Badassery From Moonraker

Bandcamp Roulette: Skate Punk Badassery From Moonraker

- By Corinne Westbrook

The “Michael Jordan of Baseball of Punk Rock” serves as this week’s entry in the Knotfest discovery series.

Bandcamp Roulette is a feature where, every week, we will buy a randomly chosen album from an underground band and tell you all about it! Follow us on Instagram to help us choose next week's album!

Moonraker is an absolute blast; an unabashed, loud, unapologetic, DIY powerful melodic punk trio. The Forest is rife with hooks and big, bold sing along moments. The fury and energy of the bands the influenced the punk rock genre, with enough modernity to keep it fresh, Moonraker may describe themselves as “The Michael Jordan of Baseball of Punk Rock”, but that sense of humor and their commitment to punk rock badassery will make them your most infectious discovery of the week.

“Incendium” is one of the best intro tracks I’ve heard in a long time. While these types of tracks tend to be throwaways, Moonraker take this opportunity to set the tone and energize the listener, before busting out the swing beats and chant-along moments.

The overall up beat nature of the music almost masks the heavy nature of the lyrics. Moonraker has a strong and painful message throughout this album and utilizes repetition in the lyrics artfully to hammer home that this album isn’t all fun and games. The band uses every opportunity to tell a story and keep everything engaging.

Lyrically they do not shy away from meltdowns, broken trust, and the dark sides of life. This is an album meant for processing your pain by either crying into your vinyl (don’t recommend) or breaking something (highly recommend).

Released on May 13th, The Forest is Moonraker’s third album. Get your copy HERE.

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