Bandcamp Roulette: Terror Cell Conjures Chaos With "Caustic Light"

Bandcamp Roulette: Terror Cell Conjures Chaos With "Caustic Light"

- By Corinne Westbrook

Melding a myriad of styles ranging from grind to metalcore, the practitioners of modern powerviolence deliver on their latest release.

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Is it metalcore? Is it grindcore? Is it mathcore? Terror Cell have taken all these genres, tossed them in a blender of powerviolence and pushed the “YES!” button repeatedly. Too melodic to be straight mathcore, too progressive to be metalcore, “Caustic Light” is an exploration of sound and fury, executed with perfection.

“The End of All Things” kicks off the album and sets a stage of dizzying composition that is as creative as it is jarring. From a violent opening to an atmospheric bridge, the track plunges you deep into what is to come. “Face The Wall” brings djenty elements to the fold, while “Propaganda Organ” dips their toes into black metal waters.

“Being of Light” is a mix of progressive, trash and hardcore, while the aptly named “Malaise” gives you a much needed break from the cinder block to the head pace of the previous four tracks. “Panopticon” begins the slow build to the end, which wraps with “Broken Vessels”, which, like the first track, is a microcosm of the album as a whole, exploring anything and everything within its 6 minutes and 37 seconds.

This album is a maelstrom, an odyssey of sound, that will keep you engaged and intrigued from beginning to end. There is almost no way to know what comes next as each track brings in new elements. This amalgamation of noise rock, mathcore, metalcore, post-metal, and sludge is a testament to this period of hypercreativity that we have found ourselves in.

Terror Cell was formed in 2016 by vocalist/guitarist Joey Woodard. Atreyu Warek and Steven Terry joined the fray, along with drummer Baylor Ash. Released on October 7th, you can get your copy of Caustic Light HERE.

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