Bits & Bytes: Gaming News of The Week 10/27

Bits & Bytes: Gaming News of The Week 10/27

- By Daniel Seely

A big-screen horror film hit is getting is getting it's own game, a classic is finally getting a remaster edition and the latest UFC game gets an engine upgrade in this week's gaming headlines.


Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Release

For the last couple of years we have been hearing about this remaster version of all of the original Metal Gear games and this week we finally got it. Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 is billed as a remaster but it isn’t exactly one. It is a time capsule for fans of the series or any of the original games but the lack of updated graphics and the slow frame rates make it very difficult for the new player to pick these up and get into them. As someone who is obsessed with the series; this hits the spot. It really feels just like it did back when the games originally came out and really allowed me to fall in love with the series all over again. Available now on all platforms. Snake? Snake? SNAKE?!?

The Finals Open Beta Trailer - Xbox Partner Preview

Looking for a game show pinning you against other contestants in a gunfight? Well look no further, The Finals is a new first person shooter on all platforms that feels like part Overwatch and part Apex. All different maps in rotation are inspired by real world locations, the only map in beta available Skyway Stadium. The new game mode “Bank-It” four teams of three fight to bank coins and have the most at the time of expiration or hit the max limit. See the new trailer above, the beta is live October 26th until November 3rd on all platforms.

‘Barbarian’ video game in development with Diversion3 Entertainment

One of the bigger surprise hits of last year was Zach Cregger’s ‘Barbarian’ and wasting no time Diversion3 Entertainment has already begun the process to make this playable. First reported on BloodyDisgusting, the studio famously behind the Friday the 13th: The Game and Evil Dead: The Game had been in talks with New Regency Pictures to make this come to fruition. While Diversion3 doesn’t have a lengthy list of previous games, their track record speaks for itself and we can safely be optimistic on the final product. The game is in very early stages of development and there is no scheduled release date for the game yet.

UFC 5 launches with a brand new engine and in-game mechanics

The brand new and revamped UFC 5 dropped earlier this week and it’s toting a whole new bag of tricks. Debuting the new Frostbite engine in game, the movement and combat is brand new and seamless which is a huge improvement from the predecessors. UFC 5 is loaded with new features like cinematic K.O. replay, displaying the agony of defeat or the glory of victory in super slow motion. Fight week will showcase a live storyline tracker for the ebbs and flows of the sport’s drama, such as live fight picks linked to real-life UFC events. Oh, and Hasbulla is available as a walkout partner as well. With all of these new improvements there is only one downside, we won’t be getting anymore of the hilarious glitch videos the previous titles provided us. UFC 5 is out now on all platforms.

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