Post Malone Taps Militarie Gun For Ringwalk Song in New WWE 2k24 Download Pack

Post Malone Taps Militarie Gun For Ringwalk Song in New WWE 2k24 Download Pack

- By Ramon Gonzales

Posty is now a playable character in the WWE Universe and includes a new entrance song, "Gun Under The Gun (MFG).” 

Post Malone rides hard for Miliarie Gun. 

Earlier this year Post added the title of Executive Soundtrack Producer to his extensive resume. Taking on the role for the upcoming release of WWE 2K24, the multi-genre superstar curated the music for the video game that arrived in March. 

Compiling a 12-track presentation, the broad range of entries spanned hip hop, country, pop, hardcore and metal. Among the artists featured Include Turnstile, the previously mention Militarie Gun, Speed, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Tyler Childers, Colter Wall, Busta Rhymes and 100 Gecs.

The latest DLC for the WWE 2K24 title finds Post Malone doubling down on his love for Militarie Gun. In addition to the inclusion on the game's soundtrack, Post found a way to work the band in one more time. Featured as a playable character, Post Malone is now able to climb into the squared circle to face off against the biggest WWE superstars. 



The added spectacle of Post now integrated into the game comes with a killer ring walk soundtracked by a new minute Militarie Gun song, “Gun Under The Gun (MFG).” Other playable characters featured in the Post Malone and Friends DLC pack include wrestling icons from generations prior that have all been associated with music like Sensational Sherri, Honky Tonk Man, Jimmy Hart, and the Headbangers to name a few. 

Check the adrenaline-charged entrance from Post from the gameplay trailer below. 


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