Code Orange unveils a volatile cover of Nine Inch Nails 1996 video game theme of the 1996 shooter 'Quake'

Code Orange unveils a volatile cover of Nine Inch Nails 1996 video game theme of the 1996 shooter 'Quake'

- By Ramon Gonzales

Complete with an era-appropriate animated visual, the hardcore champions tip their hat to Trent with the cult classic which debuted at QuakeCon

Among the most exciting bands in heavy music, Steel City's best in Code Orange continue to push the envelope and add to their creative arsenal. The band's most recent showing is a homage to an indelible force and obvious influence in Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails.

Participating in the 25th anniversary of the launch of id Software's beloved first-person shooter cult classic in Quake, Code O not only joined in on the gathering's livestream to discuss the impact and lasting influence of the game, but also unveiled a cover of the game's 1996 theme song.

Incredibly ahead of the curve for it's time, Quake featured an original collection of music composed for the game by Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. The ominous soundscape set the tone for the FPS, and added yet another dynamic to an already enigmatic powerhouse in Reznor - who would obviously go on to compose for a broad range of projects including an Oscar-winning career as a composer for film and television.

In addition to the blistering audio homage to Reznor, Code Orange also released an accompanying visual that features the band in glorious era-appropriate 3D animation, interspersed with actual footage from the 1996 video game. The brilliant show of artistry in both sight and sound is just one example of why Code Orange continues to define the cutting edge for aggressive artists in music.

Code Orange will join Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, and Fever 333 on the masked nine's upcoming Knotfest Roadshow set to commence on September 25th with KNOTFEST IOWA and run though November 2nd concluding in Phoenix, AZ. Tickets and information for KNOTFEST ROADSHOW can be found - HERE

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