Doom Eternal expansion 'The Ancient Gods' will be available as a standalone game

Doom Eternal expansion 'The Ancient Gods' will be available as a standalone game

- By Ramon Gonzales

The DLC launches October 20th and gamers won't need to have Doom Eternal to play 'The Ancient Gods'.

The first look at the DLC from Doom Eternal in The Ancient Gods was revealed with a full trailer during Gamescom's Opening Night Live.

In addition to the expansion to the wildly successful March release of Doom Eternal, developers have announced ambitious plans for this title.

"When we look at how many people have played through the game we have a large percentage - higher than 2016 - that have completed it, so you're always looking at that and seeing how far players make it through your game," executive producer Marty Stratton explained to PCGamesN.

"It's important as we want the DLC to reach as many people as possible. In fact, you don't even need to own Doom Eternal to buy the DLC and play it."

That's big news. The Ancient Gods will be available asa stand-alone title, though it functions as a DLC for the Doom Eternal entry. This means players can get a sort of unlocked experience with new realms and enemies, even without completing the primary campaign via Doom Eternal's Year One Pass.

In terms of the scope of the DLC, Game Director Hugo Martin explains, "Most people would associate DLC with being of smaller scope – it’s kind of like the made for TV version of the movie, and the movie was the main game," Hugo adds. “For us, this is very much like a two-part film – this is every bit as grand as the main game was.”

Check the trailer for Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part I below.
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