EA Sports UFC 4 boasts impressive career mode with new trailer

EA Sports UFC 4 boasts impressive career mode with new trailer

- By Ramon Gonzales

The franchise offers a comprehensive gaming experience with an overhauled career mode.

The fourth installation of the EA UFC franchise is giving players a revamped career mode. The news broke with the release of a trailer that offers a first look at how the feature will translate during gameplay.

Among the important talking points from the career mode reveal include some human elements that make the experience unique.

Coach Davis is a character integrated into the narrative of the game. In career mode, this will allow the player to experience the fighter-coach dynamic and how that works into the progression of the fighter's skills.

The Fighter Evolution feature allows players to see the improvements made by their combatant based on the preferred discipline utilized in the Octagon. Strikers become better with each combo thrown. Grapplers become more proficient with each takedown. And, players can choose which types of sparring technique they prefer to focus on their strengths.

Showcasing a real feel for the complete fighting experience, the Relationship System allows players to participate in the promotional elements of a fight, like calling out fighters on social media. This feature also allows you to befriend other fighters to become a part of your camp.

UFC 4 allows each fighter to build their brand through either the amateur circuit, the World Fighting Alliance, or through Dana White's Contender Series.

There pitfalls that can also work against the progression of your career, including injuries and even knocking out your training partners in camp. The trailer refers to an ongoing balancing act that requires the player implement strategy in evolving as a fighter, both in and out of the Octagon.

Pre-orders for EA's UFC 4 can be made HERE

Watch the EA UFC 4 Career Mode Trailer below

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