Fortnite developer Epic Games has acquired Bandcamp

Fortnite developer Epic Games has acquired Bandcamp

- By Ramon Gonzales

The move will still allow Bandcamp to function autonomously while gaining access to the gaming giant's resources to expand internationally.

Gaming goliath and software developer Epic Games has announced a major play in marrying the world of music and video games with the acquisition of digital music marketplace, Bandcamp.

According to a statement published by Bandcamp, the platform will continue to function as "a standalone marketplace and music community" with the co-founding CEO Ethan Diamond remaining at the helm. The company's popular initiatives like Bandcamp Fridays and their artist spotlight series in Bandcamp Daily will continue with no interruption resulting from the merger.

As for the immediate impact of such a major move, the common denominator is rooted in expansion. Bandcamp has said they are, "...working with Epic to expand internationally and push development forward across Bandcamp, from basics like our album pages, mobile apps, merch tools, payment system, and search and discovery features, to newer initiatives like our vinyl pressing and live streaming services."

As for the incentive for Epic, the industry leader will no doubt gain a major foothold in the music marketplace, tapping into the organic community that has been a driving force in Bandcamp's model for success and longevity. As a partner, Bandcamp will prove an “important role in Epic’s vision to build out a creator marketplace ecosystem for content, technology, games, art, music and more,” read a prepped statement. According to published numbers, Bandcamp's artist-friendly model shakes out to a net of 82% of every sale on the site.

Will the gamble on such a user-friendly vehicle predicated on the notion of community prove worth the coin for Epic Games - the undisclosed investment would suggest the gaming giant is more confident it will.

Stay tuned.

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