Knotfest teams with web3 leaders SandStorm as Slipknot braves new terrain in the metaverse

Knotfest teams with web3 leaders SandStorm as Slipknot braves new terrain in the metaverse

- By Ramon Gonzales

In much the same way Slipknot forged ahead taking up their own festival banner with Knotfest a decade ago, the masked, metallic powerhouse is again leading the way - this time leading the subculture caravan and firmly planting their flag in the metaverse.

Cultivating the Knotverse community via web3, Slipknot have cemented a thriving partnership with like-minded creative renegades SandStorm to establish the Knotfest experience within the digital footprint of The Sandbox. The union of both digital builders and IRL game changers presents exciting new possibilities for alternative culture and the business of music as we current know it.

Serving as an extension of the Knotfest aesthetic, The Knotverse in The Sandbox will integrate the iconography more than two decades deep of one music's most visually and artistically immersive artists. Coupled with the reputation of discovery at the core of Knotfest's ethos, outsider art and heavy culture will be will remain a core tenet of the Knotverse web3 experience.

As for the application, the Knotverse will include Slipknot music, mini-games, and virtual gear for fans; as well as exclusive experiences designed with the fan in mind. Coupled with the physical Knotfest tour, Knotverse will be accessible 24/7 for fans to connect from anywhere, anytime.

Feverishly working to craft the one-of-a-kind Knotverse experience, SandStorm's most respected metaverse builders have been developing the digital landscape that takes creative cues from the festival's iconic dark carnival theme. Working in tandem with M. Shawn “clown” Crahan to ensure the project's authenticity, the first reveal of the experience will be made available via the SandStorm social media hub.

SandStorm CEO Steve McGarry said of the initiative, “We’re thrilled to help Slipknot bring their vision into the Sandbox with the best metaverse builders on our platform. Knotverse will be a hub for heavy music fans all over the world.”

Sourcing a collaborative effort in cementing the foundation of the Knotverse, SandStorm presented the task of building the immersive experience to their steeped network of over 2,000 metaverse builders. Ranging from established studios to individual builders, the project was delegated to a collective of like-minded visionaries who were able to submit bids on pre-funded proposals - resulting in a nexus between brands, artists, and tastemakers to metaverse builders through a proprietary bidding algorithm. The model takes cues from the UpWork model in tapping into global network of contributors to ensure the best of the best.

To help usher Slipknot fans into the metaverse and further cultivate a community of fan-based creators, SandStorm will publish a series of video tutorials as well as a custom landing page with the goal of educating fans on the basics. With an emphasis on education and navigating the learning cure, the community synonymous with Slipknot with feel confident with creating a Sandbox account, downloading metamask, opening game maker, and fully experiencing Knotverse upon it's public launch.

Both Slipknot and SandStorm have plans to release updates for fans and the metaverse community so stay tuned for more updates.

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