Static Dress Released a Rogue Carpet Disaster Video Game

Static Dress Released a Rogue Carpet Disaster Video Game

- By Ramon Gonzales

The project was three years in the making and is a fully playable version of the album's universe, complete with an 8-bit version of the music.

If you needed any more proof that Static Dress and visionary band architect Olli Appleyard are ahead of the curve, this might be it. 

Last week, Static Dress introduced the universe created in their opus, Rogue Carpet Disaster, as a fully playable video game. Rouge Carpet Disaster: The Video Game, is a project that Appleyard explains was three years of work and is now available via Game Boy Color, as well as the Game Boy Advance and SP x models.  

In terms of the player experience, the game creates various challenges that all coincide with the album's original storyline. The multilevel game is said frame the "final exploration of the complex visual lore" and includes a full 8-bit recreation of the music as players navigate gameplay. 

Check some of the shared game images below. 

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