Sinister Soundscapes with Doom Eternal Composer Mick Gordon

Sinister Soundscapes with Doom Eternal Composer Mick Gordon

- By Ramon Gonzales

The creative force behind the music of Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein, and Killer Instinct discusses his process on Mosh Talks

Comparing his role to that of an archeologist, renowned video game music composer Mick Gordon explains that his job is partially to uncover the music that already exists within a game.

Responsible for the soundscapes of important titles like Killer Instinct, Wolfenstein, and the often cited Doom Eternal, Gordon is one of the industry's most in-demand contributors. During his visit with Mosh Talks, Gordon discussed his early start in the field as an aspiring score composer. While Gordon didn't have much luck with film studios in Australia, he did find a host of video game companies.

Cutting his teeth on much more wholesome entries of the Nickelodeon sort, Gordon quickly gained a knowledge of how to capture feeling and emotion to compliment the gaming experience. Working off of concept art and an understanding the direction of the game, Gordon finds the musical translation - no easy feat.

In the years since, Gordon has become the go-to for gaming's darker side. His work on the Doom Eternal soundtrack has become part of a paradigm shift in heavy music that has resulted in the composer now collaborating with musicians that cite his work on gaming soundscapes as inspiration. Gordon has figured out how to capture lightning in a bottle naturally, bands want in.

Discussing how technology has allowed for the art form to evolve and how heavy music itself is headed into progressive new spaces, Gordon also hinted at a release he recently worked on seeing the light of day in the very near future.

It's probably just a coincidence but the composer was recently featured in a video from Bring Me the Horizon as part of the series documenting their work on "Parasite Eve."

Watch the complete interview below (and the video after it).

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