SMITE enlists SLIPKNOT for the launch of their biggest music themed event yet

SMITE enlists SLIPKNOT for the launch of their biggest music themed event yet

- By Ramon Gonzales

Players will be able to do battle as any of the nine members of Slipknot set to the band's anthems including “Duality,” “Psychosocial” and “The Devil In I”.

With speculation reaching a fever pitch, Slipknot has announced a massive crossover event with MOBA leader SMITE that will see all nine members function as playable characters within the universe created by venerated gaming publisher, Hi Rez.

Set to launch at the next update, SMITE players will be able to become the masked nine of Slipknot via character models, or skins. The hands-on designing effort saw gaming developers work in tandem with the band for an unparalleled degree of authenticity that bridges the worlds of both entities.

In addition to players being able to select who they want to do battle as, the event will serve as the largest Music Theme in SMITE's near decade of online-gaming domination. Featuring “Duality,” “Psychosocial” and “The Devil In I” the three anthemic Slipknot cuts will synchronize with players’ in-game actions. Programmed and reconfigured by SMITE’s Audio Lead, Kellen Malone, the songs’ dynamic, real-time playback breaks new ground in the SMITE lexicon and creates a truly immersive gaming experience for fans across the spectrum.

"Each music event in the Slipknot Music Theme features not one, but multiple tracks,” explains Malone. “During matches, they will play on rotation for each development in the action, such as destroying a tower, getting a kill, etc. That’s a first in SMITE and it makes it the biggest music theme to date. The rotation component also ensures the tunes are fresh and as heavy as possible each time you hear them. If you like your music heavy, this is the definitive choice.”

Since it’s launch in 2014, SMITE has become among the leading names in the multiplayer online battle arena format. As the Battleground of The Gods, the mythology-heavy, free-to-play action adventure has amassed more than 30 million devotees with distinct features like a third-person camera and more game modes than any other leading game in its genre.

The launch of their biggest music theme to date with Slipknot is yet another example of the banner's commitment to innovation and optimizing the gaming experience for the loyal players. See the trailer for the SMITE x SLIPKNOT music event below.

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