Watch the first live action Playstation 5 commercial

Watch the first live action Playstation 5 commercial

- By Ramon Gonzales

The PS5 showcase is scheduled for September 16th and will feature updates on titles and hopefully a release date.

The first live action commercial for the next generation console, Playstation 5 has surfaced online just two days before the PS5 showcase.

While the spot does not include any footage of video games, the visual of a man in boat who is then surrounded by otherworldly characters reiterates the concept of the immersive gaming experience that Playstation is hoping to convey to the fans.

The tagline to the campaign is, "Play has not limits." This is emphasized when the man in the boat and the characters that surround him, charge together over what looks like a waterfall and into another realm entirely.

The spot drops just two days before Playstation 5 will host a showcase that will, "feature updates on the latest titles from Worldwide Studios and our world-class development partners." The broadcast will begin 1:00pm PT on the Playstation Twitch channel.

Though the current details on the console are slim, PS5 is expected to arrive during the 2020 holiday season and will feature upgrades like the intuitive DualSense wireless controller and a 4k Blu-ray drive.

Watch the live acton commercial for Playstation 5 below.
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