Watch the Zombie mode gameplay trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Watch the Zombie mode gameplay trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

- By Ramon Gonzales

See wave after wave of the undead meet their demise to the Soft Cell new wave classic, "Tainted Love."

The Black Ops Cold War storyline intersects with the enduring Zombies mode in an extended gameplay trailer by recently reveled by developer Treyarch.

The chapter referred to as Die Maschine pays tribute to the Nacht der Untoten map (from Call of Duty: World At War) and features Grigori Weaver's CIA-backed international response team Requiem no a mission to an underground World War II bunker.

The exploration reveals waves and waves of the undead in what is being referred to as "a completely new chapter in our universe," as it pertains to the Zombies mode face-off the franchise.

The entry allows players to go solo or participate in the multi-player co-op format. The distinction is part of why the Zombie universe has become such a integral part of the CoD catalog.

The entry will feature gameplay elements like field upgrades, described as “offensive buffs to abilities that aid in evasion or healing and reviving.”

Players will be able to find and craft weaponry like helicopter gunners and grenade launchers. There is also a a safety net for players in Exfil, that will allow for a helicopter rescue for situations that are especially dire. Doing so will result in an increase of Zombie spawn however.

The cross-gen, cross play will allow gamers to take weapons from Black Ops Cold War into Zombie mode. This essentially means whatever assets are unlocked in Black Ops Cold War, can be carried over into the Zombies mode universe.

The Die Maschine content will be a free, post launch supplement. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War launches November 13th.

Watch the extended gameplay trailer below

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