156/Silence Resurface With Aggressive New Single, 'Unreasonable Doubt'

156/Silence Resurface With Aggressive New Single, 'Unreasonable Doubt'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The band mark their return on Sharptone Records with a single that takes inspirational cues from the money shot in every horror film. 


Steel City metalcore prospects 156/Silence have resurfaced, following the success of their 2022 full length hardcore coup, Narrative

Debuting the single "Unreasonable Doubt" via Sharptone Records, the band has begun their next phase underscoring their position as promising new blood in the space. Melding their assaultive brand of heft with the kind of melody that comes with continued songwriting progression, the newest offering sees 156 level up in combining aggression and artistry. 



The single was produced by Jonathan Dolese and picks up where the band left off, with standout tracks like "A Past Embrace" propelled 156 into the conversation of metalcore's emerging new class. 

Speaking to the inspiration of the single, the band shared their collective headspace, "We started with the idea of a riff that skips and could emulate the feeling and impact of a slasher movie stabbing scene. However instead of making it as blatantly heavy as we could, we wanted to juxtapose that with a more upbeat and aesthetic sounding chorus to emphasize those feelings which we felt added a bit of a tonal whiplash like some of our favorite horror movies. Lyrically the song’s theme is about the loss of trust in oneself and others as well as the everlasting shadow of diffidence. The remembrance of ambiguity alone. An Unreasonable Doubt."

The single is currently available via Sharptone Records - HERE

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