Better Lovers Cap Off 2023 with Explosive Single "Two Alive Amongst The Dead"

Better Lovers Cap Off 2023 with Explosive Single "Two Alive Amongst The Dead"

- By Cori Westbrook

The single arrives ahead of the band's hometown Buffalo 'Blissmas' showcase along with It Dies Today, The Callous Daoboys, Greyahevn and Spaced next month. 


In a striking conclusion to 2023, the heavy music scene was gifted an unexpected treat from Better Lovers with the release of their standalone single, “Two Alive Amongst The Dead.” This single marks the culmination of a remarkable year for the band, which rapidly transitioned from obscurity to being one of the most discussed and promising new acts in heavy music.

The band's member Will Putney shared insights into the song's genesis, explaining that it was conceived during their summer tour. “We were having fun with the high energy, aggressive material live, and that cathartic spirit carried into this song. This is a band that never stops having ideas and likes the challenge of showing new music to fans live, so it was performed and fine-tuned on our Fall dates, and then immediately tracked in the studio between touring to make sure that fire stayed intact. There is no better feeling than capturing lightning in a bottle like this.”

Vocalist Greg Puciato elaborated on the song's theme: “This song is about saying fuck you to the societal and institutional pressure to fall for “me versus you”/”us versus them” divisional tactics and realizing that we’re stronger when we remember the ways we’re the same, trying to find commonalities instead of differences. Understanding and finding compassion for one another instead of allowing ourselves to be separated and controlled. Brothers and sisters. Pieces of the same consciousness.”

The band isn't slowing down, as they're set to enter the studio in January to work on their debut full-length album under SharpTone Records. Before that, they are scheduled to perform at sold-out “BLissmas” shows in Buffalo and have confirmed their presence at various festivals in 2024, including Sick New World, Jera on Air, Tons of Rock, and 2000trees.

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