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Bits and Bytes: Gaming News of the Week 10/20

- By Daniel Seely

Fresh entries from this year's Indie Horror Showcase, a leaked look at the new Super Mario 'Wonder' entry and a chilling glimpse into the world of Silent Hill: Ascension.

INDIKA Announcement Trailer

At first glance, this trailer looks like it could be a 70’s art-house movie about the duality of man through the eyes of a Russian nun. INDIKA is a third-person adventure game with plenty of puzzles but truly this game is about something much deeper than being a nun. In an oddly ironic event this game and its development was almost canceled because of Russia’s Ukrainian invasion. After months in limbo, 11 Bit Studios and its eleven employees relocated to Kazakhstan to finish production. INDIKA will be available in the first quarter of 2024.


Silent Hill: Ascension Premiere Trailer

With Halloween just around the corner, we all should be very excited for some new horror content. Silent Hill: Ascension isn’t quite a video game however, it is interactive and it is based on a video game, so just this once we will count it. The new Silent Hill series will be available weekly through the Playstation network, Google Play and iOS. The audience will be voting on the outcome for characters throughout the week leading up to the next episode and influencing what happens in future episodes. This series will be the first of its kind, hopefully sparking more. As a fan of being spooked and a fan of ol’ pyramid head I will be tuning in. Silent Hill: Ascension premiers October 31st.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder leaked a week early

Image Courtesy of Nintendo


Officially the game is out in a few days but that never stops the ones who are always trying to get their hands on it early. Even the almighty Nintendo has fallen victim and Super Mario Bros. Wonder is being played by only the most despicable. Reddit has been crawling with posts about everyone's experiences and the good news is; everyone is in love with it. All of the new features and playable characters we mentioned a couple weeks ago are a smash hit. You can play it now or you can wait like a respectable human. By the way, did you know Mario is not saying “Itsa me, Mario” he’s saying “Itsumi Mario” Which translates to “Super Mario” in Japanese. Wild stuff.


World of Horror Trailer Debut

The Indie Horror Showcase this past week put a lot of games on display to a much larger audience than they would normally get. One of the games worth noting is World of Horror. Developed by YSBYRD Games, this turn based combat game is a visually fresh game while still maintaining a solid familiarity. Follow the rural residents of a seaside Japanese town as they are confronted with the horrors of your reality coming apart. Check out the new trailer for the game out now.

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