Enterprise Earth Unleashes "The Reaper's Servant" from Upcoming Album 'Death: An Anthology'

Enterprise Earth Unleashes "The Reaper's Servant" from Upcoming Album 'Death: An Anthology'

- By Cori Westbrook

The latest offering from the MNRK Heavy release features a guest assist from Darius Tehrani of Spite. 

Enterprise Earth has just unveiled their latest track "The Reaper's Servant," featuring the exceptional Darius Tehrani from Spite. This new single is a part of their upcoming album Death: An Anthology, set to release on February 2nd through MNRK Heavy.

The band has expressed great enthusiasm about this release, especially the collaboration with Darius Tehrani. "'Reaper's' is definitely for the real metal heads out there. Overall, I'd say this is the most aggressive and straight-to-the-point track on Death: An Anthology as it comes out of the gate breathing fire and does not let up until it's over. We were elated to have Darius on the track as he absolutely nailed the vibe for his part. His unmistakable voice and energy really sent the whole track to a new level of confidence and power." 

Death: An Anthology promises to be an immersive experience, with Enterprise Earth exploring the theme of death from various perspectives. The album delves into the notion of death beyond the physical, including the death of self, individuality, and relationships. Travis, one of the band members, shares his personal reflections on death, influenced by his religious upbringing and philosophical musings.

The band, known for stirring both mosh pits and thought, has a history of impactful releases and successful tours. They have consistently charted in the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart and have been recognized by music critics for their experimental and innovative approach to metal music.

The creation of Death: An Anthology was a unique process for Enterprise Earth. The band members spent nine days in a cabin at Lake Tahoe, where they wrote the majority of the album. This was the first time this lineup worked together in person, with Travis handling vocal duties. Gabe Mangold, also a member of the band, took on the role of producer, contributing to the cohesive sound of the album.

Enterprise Earth aims to offer a compelling listening experience with Death: An Anthology. They want their music to be both enjoyable and thought-provoking, reminding listeners of the inevitability of death. As the band puts it, death is a universal truth, but their music offers a form of release in the meantime. 

Death: An Anthology is due out on February 2nd via MNRK Heavy. Pre-orders are available HERE.

Track Listing:

  1. Abyss
  2. Face of Fear
  3. The Reaper's Servant (ft. Darius Tehrani)
  4. Spineless
  5. King Of Ruination (ft. Ben Duerr)
  6. Casket Of Rust
  7. I, Divine
  8. Malevolent Force (ft. Wes Hauch)
  9. Accelerated Demise
  10. Blood And Teeth
  11. Curse Of Flesh (ft. Matthew K. Heafy)
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