Full of Hell and Nothing Release Evocative New Single and Music Video

Full of Hell and Nothing Release Evocative New Single and Music Video

- By Cori Westbrook

The joint collaborative release When No Birds Sang lands next month via Closed Casket Activities.

The dynamic fusion of Full of Hell and Nothing has once again captivated the music world with their latest single, "Like Stars in the Firmament," accompanied by a visually stirring music video. This single follows their well-received "Spend the Grace" and is part of the upcoming album, When No Birds Sang, set to be released on December 1st via Closed Casket Activities.

The hauntingly evocative track showcases the seamless blend of Domenic and Doyle's whispered vocals from Nothing with the poignant guitar melodies, all underpinned by Full of Hell's signature dense ambiance. “We’ve never done anything like this,” Domenic goes on. “The contrast is huge as we’re putting two extremes together and making them work. We’re just bridging the gap.”

The creative minds of Mike Martinez and Tyler Way have returned to write and direct the music video for "Like Stars in the Firmament," maintaining a thematic connection to the visuals of "Spend the Grace." 

The origin of this extraordinary collaboration dates back to when the bands shared stage bills during the twenty-tens. Over the years, the rapport between Dylan and Domenic grew, paving the way for this collaborative project. Blending Full of Hell's abrasive sonic landscapes with Nothing's intense shoegaze sound, the duo has crafted a dichotomous yet harmonious auditory experience reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and Swans.

The entire album, "When No Birds Sang," is an in-person collaboration effort that took shape in Ocean City, MD, allowing for a more organic and immersive creative process. With the input of GRAMMY Award-nominated producer Will Putney, the recording sessions were a venture into bringing the shared vision to life in the studio.

Domenic relishes the in-person collaboration, finding the experience grounding and a powerful remedy against any self-doubt he holds as a musician. Dylan echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the emotional gravity of the record. He anticipates that listeners will find the album not just a musical journey but an emotional one that teeters on the edge of an existential void.

“I was super happy to be in a room and not just throwing shit back and forth online,” Domenic states. “I have such a hard time when I’m not staring down the barrel of a gun. Being in a room with these guys brought everything into reality.” 

“It’s way more productive,” Dylan continues. “This was the first time any of us had worked with Will. His resume speaks for itself, and he definitely added a great perspective.”  “It’s an emotional record,” adds Dylan. “Once we decided on the concept, we followed a similar approach. We’re bringing you to this edge of an empty void.”

As the release date approaches, anticipation builds for "When No Birds Sang." The album promises to be a comprehensive work that challenges the listener emotionally, striving to elicit a sense of devastation that is both terrifying and exhilarating. 

“When you hear it, I hope you feel devastated emotionally,” Dylan leaves off. “If we’re doing our job, it will freak you the f*ck out in the best way, because you’re staring at the precipice of oblivion with us.”

Devastation is a good reaction for me,” Domenic concurs. “From top-to-bottom, this record is highly comprehensive and super detailed. For me, the process itself was humbling. Every once in a while— with doing music for the better part of my life —experiences like this sometimes erase the imposter syndrome I feel playing music, and for a moment I forget how big of a loser I am,” he grins.

When No Birds Sang will be released December 1st, 2023 on Closed Casket Activities and pre-orders are available here.  

When No Birds Sang, track listing:

  1. Rose Tinted World
  2. Like Stars in the Firmament
  3. Forever Well
  4. Wild Blue
  5. When No Birds Sang
  6. Spend The Grace
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