Innovative Death Metal Band Defeated Sanity Joins Season of Mist Roster

Innovative Death Metal Band Defeated Sanity Joins Season of Mist Roster

- By Cori Westbrook

The news marks the arrival of guitarist Vaughn Stoffey and precedes the band's anticipated performance at Maryland Deathfest in 2024. 

Season of Mist has proudly announced the addition of the brutal technical death metal band Defeated Sanity to its roster. The band, known for its innovative approach to death metal, has a history dating back to 1996 with their demo Devoured By The Black, created by the father-son duo Wolfgang Teske and Lille Gruber.

Over two decades, Defeated Sanity has established itself as a powerhouse in the death metal genre. Their style, characterized by a blend of sheer brutality, precise musicianship, and influences from jazz and classical music, has won them a global fanbase. The band's modern playing style, combined with their old-school roots, creates a unique sound that has continually pushed the boundaries of metal.

Starting their journey with UK label Grindethic, Defeated Sanity later moved to Willowtip Records in the U.S., where they released four critically acclaimed albums. Among these, Chapters of Repugnance and Passages Into Deformity received notable recognition for their exceptional quality and distinctive sound.

The band has also been known for their bold musical experiments, as seen in their album Disposal of the Dead / Dharmata. This release was a unique split album with themselves, showcasing both their death metal roots and a progressive death metal sound, featuring Cynic/Death to All vocalist Max Phelps.

Defeated Sanity's last album, The Sanguinary Impetus, marked another milestone, bringing vocalist Josh Welshman into the spotlight and breaking into the Billboard charts. The band's continual evolution is evident, and now they are preparing for their seventh album, set for release in 2024 under Season of Mist. This new phase also includes guitarist Vaughn Stoffey, adding fresh energy to the lineup.

In addition to their upcoming album, Defeated Sanity is scheduled to perform at next year's Maryland Deathfest, where they will share the stage with new labelmates Severe Torture and Brodequin.

Expressing their enthusiasm for the new partnership, the band thanked Willowtip Records for their support over the years and voiced their excitement for the future under Season of Mist. They promised fans an unmatched blend of technical and brutal death metal in their upcoming works.

With a lineup featuring Lille Gruber on drums, Jacob Schmidt on bass, Vaughn Stoffey on guitar, and Josh Welshman on vocals, Defeated Sanity is poised to continue their legacy and push the boundaries of death metal even further. Fans of bands like Suffocation, Devourment, Wormed, Brodequin, and Severe Torture can eagerly anticipate what's next from this dynamic group.
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