Nas and DJ Premier Take Their Throne with "Define My Name"

Nas and DJ Premier Take Their Throne with "Define My Name"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The collaborative track previews the forthcoming joint album and marks the 30th anniversary of one of hip hop's most iconic records, Illmatic. 

Back to remind the world that one of the best to ever do it came from Queensbridge, Nas has shared the first preview of his forthcoming landmark collaboration album with legendary producer DJ Premier. Reclaiming his crown, Nas showcases his signature cadence and verbal dexterity on "Define My Name" - an anthemic introduction that lands on an especially significant day. 



In addition to introducing the joint album with Preemo due out later this year, the emphatic single also marks the 30th anniversary of watershed moment in hip hop history. The arrival of "Define My Name" pairs with the 30th anniversary of the release of seminal debut album from Nas, Illmatic. 

The 1994 release is universally regarded as one of the defining albums of the genre and a vital document in the lexicon of hop hop culture. The meld of jazz and blues that resonates on the album propelled the release to the status of instant classic and positioned Nas as one of the champions of the culture since. 

The New York Senate recently recognized Illmatic, declaring: "Nas' debut album 'Illmatic' is the crown jewel of the mid-90s classics that still define the genre; unlike other albums released in its wake, 'Illmatic' was the game-changer that forever transformed the landscape of East Coast hip-hop." 

The arrival of "Define My Name" also offers a glimpse of Nas' expansive anniversary tour which will touch down in key markets throughout Europe later this year. The run will conclude with a finale at London's Royal Albert Hall on November 15th - a triumphant celebration of Nas' enduring legacy and global reach. 

Additionally, Nas has shared a new Illmatic-centric merch capsule that features artwork that pays homage to the definitive album aesthetic and the MC's proud, Queensbrudge lineage. The featured artwork including in the collection has been individually painted and hand drawn by artists Artists Andrew Agutos, Esteban Whiteside, Rushad Kolah and Samborghini with Creative direction by Kiran Goraya Ilic and art direction by Carlos Valdez. The complete collection is available - HERE

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