New Flesh 10/20: Releases From The Callous Daoboys, Go Ahead and Die, Myrkur & More!

New Flesh 10/20: Releases From The Callous Daoboys, Go Ahead and Die, Myrkur & More!

- By Cori Westbrook

This week's list covers a broad spectrum of heavy music and even includes a nod to pop punk greats for a bit of a curveball.

We've got a killer list of the latest metal mayhem that's been unleashed onto the scene. Whether you're into the crushing sounds of death metal or the epic tales of symphonic masterpieces, we've got you covered. So, strap in, throw up those horns, and let's dive in.

For all of our favorite new releases, both singles and albums, be sure to check out the official Knotfest New Flesh playlist.

Afterbirth – In But Not Of 

A visceral exploration of the extremes of death metal. The intricate patterns and deep growls take listeners on a haunting journey, showcasing the band's prowess in crafting dense atmospheres.

Get your copy HERE.

Angelus Apatrida – Aftermath 

Thrash metal finds a refreshing revival with "Aftermath". Angelus Apatrida masterfully blends classic elements with modern aggression, delivering an album full of mosh-worthy anthems.

Get your copy HERE.

Blink 182 - One More Time…

Returning with their iconic blend of pop-punk and alternative rock, Blink 182 continues to evoke nostalgia while proving they can still innovate. A journey of emotions filled with catchy hooks and lyrical introspection.

Get your copy HERE.

The Callous Daoboys – God Smiles Upon The Callous Daoboys EP 

A frenetic explosion of post-hardcore energy. The Callous Daoboys pack a punch with their experimental soundscapes and chaotic structures, all while keeping listeners deeply engaged.

Get your copy HERE.

Cirith Ungol – Dark Parade 


A triumphant return to form, "Dark Parade" presents classic heavy metal with a touch of doom. The soaring vocals and formidable guitar riffs showcase Cirith Ungol's undeniable legacy in the genre.

Get your copy HERE.

Go Ahead And Die – Unhealthy Mechanisms 

A raw and gritty dive into the underbelly of extreme metal. The album's aggressive approach is balanced with thought-provoking lyrics, making "Unhealthy Mechanisms" an unsettling but captivating listen.

Get your copy HERE.

Myrkur – Spine 

Myrkur continues to redefine black metal aesthetics by infusing ethereal and folk elements. "Spine" is both beautifully haunting and intensely atmospheric, a testament to the artist's unique vision.

Get your copy HERE.

War Curse – Confession 

Thrash with a touch of modern metal nuances, "Confession" is both a headbanger's delight and a lyrical exploration of inner demons. War Curse proves that thrash metal's spirit is alive and evolving.

Get your copy HERE.

Within Temptation – Bleed Out 

A symphonic metal masterpiece. With Sharon den Adel's powerful vocals leading the charge, "Bleed Out" is a blend of epic orchestrations, hard-hitting riffs, and memorable choruses that showcase Within Temptation's unparalleled prowess.

Get your copy HERE.

Also out this week…

20 Watt Tombstone – The Chosen Few (Self)
Aldaaron – Majestic Heights, Melancholic Depths (Paragon)
Animamortua – Gods Among Us (Underground Symphony)
Anuseye – Right Place Wrong Time (Go Down)
Appalooza – The Shining Son (Ripple)
Archangel – Total Dark Sublime (Scarlet)
Askesis – Beyond The Fate Of Death (Time To Kill)
Baring Teeth – The Path Narrows (I, Voidhanger)
Blood Lightning – Blood Lightning (Ripple)
Boys Like Girls – Sunday At Foxwoods (Fearless)
BS Bone – Cerberus Bone (Overdub)
The Cheats – Cheap Pills 20th Anniversary Edition (Screaming Crow)
Conny Ochs – Wahn Und Sinn (Exile On Mainstream)
Cronies – L1V3 S1CK0 L0V3 F3ST (Reptilian)
Cult Burial – Reverie Of The Malignant (Self)
Daniele Brusachetto – Bruise A Shadow (Wormholedeath)
Dead Times – Dead Times (Thrill Jockey)
Death Pose – Midnight Society (Brutal Panda)
December Screams Embers – Spooky Noodle (SelfMadeRecords)
Derdian – New Era Part IV – Resurgence (King)
Dirty Sound Magnet – Dreaming In Dystopia (Wild Thing)
Display Of Decay – Vitriol (Gore House)
Dog Eat Dog – Free Radicals (Metalville)
Domhain – Nimue (These Hand Melt)
Dreamwell – In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You (Prosthetic)
Elegy Of Madness – XI (Scarlet)
Entierro – The Gates Of Hell (Self)
Galloglaigh – Realms Unknown (Self)
Game Over – Hellframes (Scarlet)
Glen – I Can See No Evil (Self)
Goad – Titania (My Kingdom)
The Grief – Crucible (Self)
Grief Suit – The Rot/The Rotted (Syrup Moose)
Helgrindur – Helgrindur (MDD)
Hippie Death Cult – Helichrysum (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Hold My Own – My Way EP (Daze)
Hounskull – The Faces Of Evil (Self)
In A Forest Dark – Buried Giant (Wormholedeath)
The Iron Roses – The Iron Roses (Iodine)
Jason Blake – Radiant Dusk (Self)
Kalmo – Dominus Meus EP (Self)
Kardang – Rizky Biznizz (Self)
Lalu – The Fish Who Wanted To Be King (Frontiers)
L’uomo Nero – Voda Alebo Ohen EP (Desert)
Lynch Mob – Babylon (Frontiers)
Mad Painter – Splashed (Epictronic)
Marchafunebre – Veil Of Death (Witches Brew)
Marthe – Further In Evil (Southern Lord)
Misleading Days – Kintsugi (Aenima)
Mortajas – Mortajas II (Sun & Moon)
Noitila – Langennut (Nordvis)
No Retreat – Pray For Peace 20th Anniversary Edition (Screaming Crow)
Occult Hand Order – Silence By The Raging Sea (Self)
Owdwyr – Receptor (Self)
Paul Lidel’s Scream Therapy – Scream Therapy (Perris)
Plaguestorm – Empty Eyes EP (Noble Demon)
Putrid Torso – Trails Of Hypnotized Human Veins (Pathologically Explicit)
Reckless – Sharp Magick Steel (Dying Victims)
Reginn – Reginn (Self)
Ribozyme – Celestial Low (Apollon)
Rival Sons – Lightbringer (Low Country Sounds/Atlantic)
Rozario – To The Gods We Swear (Pride & Joy)
Sangdragon – Hierophant (Wake Up Dead)
Savage – Glory Riders (Dying Victims)
Silva – Forgotten Sanctuary (Black Lion)
Slowburn – Fire Starter (Fighter)
Solemn Vision – Despite The Rise Of The Sun (Black Lion)
Somnus Aeternus – A Nightmare Lit By A Dying Star (Self)
Sorry… – Self Inflicted Razor Cutting (Tragedy)
The Spacelords – Nectar Of The Gods (Tonzonen)
Steel Rhino – In Rhino We Trust (GMR)
Stomach – Parasite (Hibernation Release)
Sulfuric Storm – Hell On Earth EP (Self)
Sylvatica – Cadaver Synod (Mighty)
Temperance – Hermitage – Daruma’s Eyes Pt. 2 (Napalm)
Unverkalt – A Lump Of Death: A Chaos Of Dead Lovers (Argonauta)
Vambo – II (Pride & Joy)
Venomous Echoes – Writhing Tomb Amongst The Stars (Vargheist)
Vertebra Atlantis – A Dialogue With The Eeriest Sublime (I, Voidhanger)
Volkor X – The Loop (Self)
Wratheon – Becoming Nil (Seek And Strike)
Zhiva – Into The Eye Of The Storm (Pride & Joy)

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