New Flesh 2/2: Releases From Being As An Ocean, Enterprise Earth, KMFDM and More!

New Flesh 2/2: Releases From Being As An Ocean, Enterprise Earth, KMFDM and More!

- By Cori Westbrook

Hardcore, industrial, noise and blackened death metal are all covered in the broad spectrum of styles included in this week's short list of essential releases from Cori Westbrook.

This week's roundup of fresh audio assaults brings together a diverse array of sonic craftsmen, from the emotional depths of post-hardcore pioneers and the technical wizardry of death metal virtuosos to the thrash-induced mayhem of horror-themed punks. We dive into the industrial soundscape with veteran electronic rebels, explore the melodic intricacies of metalcore innovators, and endure the abrasive experimentation of noise-core outliers. The old-school death metal enthusiasts deliver a ferocious blast from the past, while progressive metal artisans weave complex narratives into their compositions. Rounding out our selection are the hardcore groove aficionados, blending raw energy with experimental twists. 

For all of our favorite new releases, both singles and albums, be sure to check out the official Knotfest New Flesh playlist!

Being As An Ocean – Death Can Wait - Melodic Hardcore


Being As An Ocean's Death Can Wait delivers a gripping and emotionally charged journey, pushing the boundaries of post-hardcore with its introspective lyrics and expansive soundscapes. It's an emotive exploration of life's ephemeral nature through a mix of aggressive and melodic elements.

Get your copy HERE

Enterprise Earth – Death: An Anthology - Deathcore


Enterprise Earth's Death: An Anthology offers a brutal and complex exploration of death metal, showcasing technical prowess and a dark, thematic depth. The album is a relentless assault of intricate riffs and guttural vocals, cementing their place in the genre's evolving landscape.

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Ghoul – Noxious Concoctions EP - Death Metal

Ghoul's Noxious Concoctions EP serves up a fast-paced, thrash-infused ride, filled with horror-themed antics and punk energy that's both aggressive and irresistibly catchy. It's a wild, gory party from start to finish, showcasing their unique blend of metal and humor.

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KMFDM – Let Go - Industrial 

KMFDM's Let Go maintains their signature industrial sound with a modern twist, offering up catchy anthems filled with socio-political commentary and relentless beats. This album proves the band's continued relevance in the industrial scene, with tracks that are both thought-provoking and danceable.

Get your copy HERE


Levels – Pulse EP - Metalcore


Levels' Pulse EP presents a dynamic and polished effort, blending the intensity of metalcore with electronic nuances to create a refreshing sound. Their ability to fuse heavy riffs with melodic electronic elements makes for a compelling listen that's both innovative and energetic.

Get your copy HERE

meth. – Shame - Noisecore


meth.'s Shame takes listeners on an intense, chaotic journey through experimental noise and hardcore, challenging them with its abrasive textures and unorthodox structures. It's an unforgiving, visceral experience that delves into the darker aspects of the psyche with relentless intensity.

Get your copy HERE

Necrowretch – Swords Of Dajjal - Blackened Death Metal


Necrowretch's Swords Of Dajjal delivers a relentless, old-school death metal onslaught, marked by ferocious speed and dark, ominous atmospheres. Their mastery of blending brutality with a sense of the sinister makes this album a standout in the death metal realm.

Get your copy HERE

Persefone – Lingua Ignota: Part I EP - Progressive/Melodic Death Metal

Persefone's Lingua Ignota: Part I EP is a progressive metal masterpiece, weaving intricate compositions with philosophical depth to create a transcendent listening experience. The band's technical skill and ability to convey deep, conceptual themes through their music make this EP an awe-inspiring journey.

Get your copy HERE

Slope – Freak Dreams - Hardcore

Slope's Freak Dreams combines the raw energy of hardcore with a groovy, experimental edge, making for an engaging and unpredictable listen. The album is a vibrant mix of aggression and creativity, offering a fresh take on the hardcore genre with its diverse influences and innovative sound.

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Also out this week…

Apparition – Fear The Apparition (FDA)
Arachnid Purge – Forever Lost (Self)
Arcane Tales – Until Where The Northern Lights Reign (Broken Bones)
Artillery – Raw Live (In Copenhell) (Mighty)
Banks Arcade – Death 2 EP (UNFD)
Baratro – The Sweet Smell Of Unrest (Improved Sequence)
Beast Parade – Nightmares EP (Self)
Big Scenic Nowhere – The Waydown (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Bipolar Architecture – Metaphysicize (Pelagic)
The Black Flamingo – An-nur (Subsound)
Bloodshot – Absence EP (Self)
Burning The Forgotten – Those With The Rotten Souls (Self)
Corpsevore – Feed The Plague (HPGD)
Death Chapel – Envy The Sun EP (Self)
The Distance – The Wound (Sliptrick)
Dodenbezweerder – Als De Hemel Zich Vult Met Apocalyptisch Kopergeschal (Improved Sequence)
Drunemeton – Tir Nan Og (Heidens Hart)
Echo Splinter – The Last Stand EP (Self)
Everrime – One (Self)
Golden Core – Kosmos Brenner (Helvetes Indre Kretser)
Grave Monolith – Demo MMXXIII (Dawn Of Murk)
Hasturian Vigil – Unveiling The Brac’thal (Invictus)
Hauntologist – Hollow (No Solace)
Hero And The Horror – Old Ghosts (Salt Of The Earth)
Hollow Woods – Like Twisted Bones Of Fallen Giants (Signal Rex)
Ignis Absconditus – Golden Horses Of A Dying Future (My Kingdom)
Kariti – Dheghom (Lay Bare)
Kings Winter – The Other Side Of Fear (Self)
Kolac – Kolac (Pest)
Litosth – Cesariana (Personal)
Masser – The Forlorn Path EP (Self)
Meanstreak – Blood Moon EP (Step Off)
Mind Conflict – Temple Of God (Self)
Morcolac – Drawbridge To Citadel Of No More Dawn (Dusktone)
The Mountain King – Apostasyn (Self)
Night Fever – Dead End (Svart)
Obscura Qalma – Veils Of Transcendence (Dusktone)
Obsidian Tongue – The Stone Heart EP (Self)
Perveration – Putrefaction Of Infinite Apogee (Comatose)
The Raging Project – Future Days (Self)
Ratten – La Longue Marche (Deep Cellar)
Renzita – My Sick Addiction (Self)
Sentry – Sentry (High Roller)
Sinistrum – Infernal Dawn (Morbid and Miserable)
Solbrud – IIII (Vendetta)
Something Animal – Bestial Curse Part 1 EP (Self)
Stages Of Decomposition – Raptures Of Psychopathy (Gore House)
Striker – Ultrapower (Record Breaking)
Them Moose Rush – Zepaxia (Dostava Zvuka)
Transit Method – Othervoid (Brutal Panda)
Troy The Band – Cataclysm (Bonebag)
TumbleTown – On The Highwire (Freia)
Uncomfortable Knowledge – Lifeline (Self)
Utopia – Shame (Self)
Vægtløs – Aftryk EP (Silent Pendulum)
Valient Himself – Crooner Jukebox (Smokedoggg)
Volt Ritual – Return To Jupiter EP (Self)

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