Slipknot reveal eerie new visual, "Death March"

Slipknot reveal eerie new visual, "Death March"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Stream the video directed by the band's own M. Shawn Crahan

Adding to what has been a whirlwind week for Iowan titans Slipknot, the band has now shared a cryptic visual steering fans to the site,

There, the band have showcased a new music video entitled "Death March" which features a haunting new clip directed by M. Shawn Crahan. The instrumental track was posted to Youtube with the caption, Watch me as my blood runs cold, which offers a nod to the lyrics from "Adderall" - the opening track from the band's seventh studio album, The End, So Far.

In the clip, we find nine mannequins each labeled with the individual band members names on the torsos while getting an unnerving look at the faces. The next scene finds the gang of mannequins sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in a plastic-draped room in what amounts to a scene straight out of a Saw film.

The visual then includes a quick cut of what looks to be dripping blood, then immediately segues to quick glimpse of an ominous figure sitting on a throne. The cut concludes with with a gritty, slow-motion capture of each of the mannequin heads exploding - offering a heavy dose of symbolism left wide open for interpretation.

In a week that has included personnel changes, the launch of Jay Weinberg's new mask and the beginning of Slipknot's long-awaited European tour, the launch of the site and the brand new visual serve as a strong indicator that there is something imminent in works from Slipknot.

Stay tuned.

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