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Thy Art Is Murder Share Video Statement From New Vocalist Tyler Miller

- By Ramon Gonzales

Sharing a brief video to the band's social media pages, Miller explains his vantage point of "a crazy situation" and his optimism for the future with the Thy Art Is Murder.

To say it has been a wild ride for deathcore vets Thy Art Is Murder is a colossal understatement. 

Last week, the band moved forward with plans to release their latest full length album, Godlike. In an unprecedented move, the band released a re-recorded version of the album, featuring a new vocalist in Aversions Crown frontman, Tyler Miller. 

Thy Art Is Murder parted ways with former frontman CJ McMahon after the embattled vocalist made comments online that were widely seen as being blatantly transphobic. 

While the move has been met with a divisive reaction (to say the least), the band seems to be taking everything in stride whilst kicking off an extensive touring slate in support of their latest album. 

Underscoring how the band is looking towards the future with Miller at the helm, the band shared a short social media-driven video feature Miller making his first public statement since the shakeup. 

Comfortably, casually addressing the fans (and presumably the haters) Miller siad, 

“…I’m sure all of you are wondering who the fuck I am. My name is Tyler Miller. Some of you may know who I am, some of you may not. If not, that’s totally fine. It’s been kind of a crazy situation. One minute, I’m doing nothing in my house. The next minute I’m getting a text and now I’m here."

Miller kept it brief and turned his attention to the band;'s busy schedule and their connection with live in their live setting. "Tour’s been awesome. We’re only a couple of days in. It’s been super heavy, super fun. And I’m looking forward to meeting each and every single one of you. So, thank you guys so much.”

Check the video shared to the band's pages below. 



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