West Coast Rockers Lowlives Join Spinefarm, Release New Single "Liar"

West Coast Rockers Lowlives Join Spinefarm, Release New Single "Liar"

- By Cori Westbrook

The single was penned during the panic of the pandemic.

The West Coast rock band Lowlives, known for their energetic and raw sound, has recently announced their new partnership with Spinefarm Music, marking a significant step in their musical journey. This announcement comes alongside the release of their new single and video for "Liar."

Drummer Luke Johnson reflected on the band's evolution, "We started this band with almost zero expectations. We just wanted to write music. At that point we weren't even sure if this band would play live. Since then, it's been a complete 180. A hard path of pulling favors, blagging shows, putting songs out with very little help, besides a select few who saw the vision. To be here today, with a release partner like Spinefarm. is such an achievement for us. We couldn't be more excited to work with a world-class team."

"Liar," the band's latest single, was born out of the solitude of the COVID-19 lockdown. Vocalist and guitarist Lee Downer shared that the song, initially a reflection on personal struggles during the pandemic, evolved to explore themes of authenticity and the struggle to fit in. "I wrote 'Liar' right in the middle of the first COVID lockdown," he shared. "Once the panic had kinda settled down, the song came together in about 10 minutes. Lyrically, it started out about putting on a brave face, pretending that I was OK throughout it when I probably wasn't… almost convincing myself that everything would be alright. When we worked on the demo, I'd written at Luke's studio, we wrote the rest of the lyrics, and it became more about being someone you're not [and] feeling like you don't fit in to the point of creating a fake world in an attempt to feel more comfortable. You really want to tell the truth, but you're bought in to the lies so much that they have become your own personal truth.

Before signing with Spinefarm, Lowlives had already made a significant impact with their debut EP Burn Forever and an eventful first tour. Originally scheduled to support The Used in Europe, the band faced a sudden cancellation but quickly pivoted to organize a two-week tour. 

Their resilience and DIY spirit continued as they returned to Europe for the rescheduled tour with The Used and performed at renowned festivals like Reading & Leeds. They also toured across the Atlantic, sharing stages with bands like New Years Day, The Dirty Nil, Plague Vendor, and Saosin.

With fresh material on the horizon and the support of a major record label, Lowlives is poised for even greater heights. The band, comprising Lee Downer (vocals/guitar), Jaxon Moore (guitar), Steve Lucarelli (bass), and Luke Johnson (drums), is ready to show the world their full potential.


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