Ho99o9 Incite Mayhem During Homecoming Headlining Set

Ho99o9 Incite Mayhem During Homecoming Headlining Set

- By Ramon Gonzales

Check the gallery of images as Yeti Bones and TheOGM lead a commanding, chaotic showing at LA's Teragram Ballroom.

Following a successful conquest on their recent European trek supporting Carpenter Brut and Perturbator, the duo of theOGM and Yeti Bones rotated back to their adoptive home in Los Angeles for a weekend headlining set at the Teragram Ballroom.

Completing a week that saw the new release of the duo's latest assault in the track, "A Machine Of" Ho99o9 lay waste to the packed room with selections from their 2022 full length, Skin, in addition to cuts from their second installment of the Turf Talk mixtape that included a special guest assist from N8NOFACE that sent the room in a frenzy. 

Asserting the duo's signature onstage explosiveness, each submission in the comprehensive setlist was like hurling gasoline on already raging inferno - complimented by a rabid crowd that would accept nothing less than the mayhem that Ho99o9 has made their hallmark. With circle pits and stage dives as integral to the experience as distorted, rumbling bass and rallying lyrical bars - Ho99o9's live set is indicative of the band's entire M.O. - no limits. 

A fluid, combustible, assaultive amalgam of hip hop, punk, EBM and industrial, Ho99o9 succeeds in tapping into the common denominator of catharsis that anchors alternative art. From that baseline, the band builds a monstrous wall of sound that never relents - as the fans and the stage feed off of one another to create bedlam of the best kind. 

Check the gallery of images from Shaun 'Vizzy' Vaughn below. 




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