Muse and Evanescence deliver towering one-two on the Will of the People tour

Muse and Evanescence deliver towering one-two on the Will of the People tour

- By Ramon Gonzales

One of the most anticipated tours of the year features a tandem of rock music's most anthemic ambassadors.

Perennial arena rock champions Muse are currently rounding out their 2023 arena tour in support of their lauded ninth full length album, Will of the People.

Closing out the third and final Southern California date of the run with Evanescence, the band unloaded a sprawling 24-song production at Honda Center of Anaheim this week. A live set that further underscored the fact that despite their veteran status, Muse refuse to rest on their laurels, continuing to add to their musical legacy while asserting their lofty rank as consummate showmen.

Integrating their latest collection of songs seamlessly into their catalog of live essentials, new additions to the setlist like the anthemic title track, "Won't Stand Down", "Compliance", "Verona" and "We Are Fucking Fucked" earned the same arena-sized pop as staples like "Supermassive Black Hole", "Hysteria" and "Time Is Running Out".

The generational composition of the capacity arena also spoke to the kind of reach Muse commands nine albums in. It was more than common to see parents and children together, experiencing the same payoff as they soaked in the onstage spectacle. Frontman Matt Bellamy further asserted his prowess as one of the best in the game, showcasing his artistry with a sense of approachability, balancing stage banter with brilliant vocal depth.

Before punctuating the night with a powerful encore, Muse dove into a rendition of "Starlight" that sent fans into a collective swoon. The controlled ebb and flow of emotion throughout the set was especially evident as the band managed to turn an arena of thousands into something much more intimate..

Reemerging onstage, Muse completed their showing with an intense one-two that again bridged the classics with something contemporary. Ripping through a massive rendition of the especially shreddy "Kill or Be Killed" back-to-back with an epic rendition of "Knights of Cydonia", Muse gave the fans their money's worth and then some.

Check the comprehensive gallery of performances images from rock photographer Maurice Nunez below.



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