Poppy joins Koi Footwear to launch two new shoe designs

Poppy joins Koi Footwear to launch two new shoe designs

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Poppy's Little Secret Collection arrives May 6th via Koi Footwear and features a juxtapose of vibrant pastels and spikes... naturally.

Genre-bending provocateur Poppy has is venturing into the world of fashion once again with a new partnership with Koi Footwear. The collaboration has resulted in the first two designs from the rising superstar with the unveiling of her Poppy's Little Secret collection.

Playing off of Poppy's onstage duality, the shoe designs embrace lively pastel colors contrasted with spikes to present the full package. The "Preppy" is a 2-inch platform sneaker that features a white exterior accented with pastels. The "Dear" is a Mary Jane that features the same platform design, on.y this shoe features a hard exterior punctuated by spikes to ensure there is both sugar and spice.

Both show designs boast a co-branded one of a kind, holographic locket designed as a unique keepsake in celebration of the partnership. The locket comes attached to the shoes.

Koi Footwear’s CEO Uzair Ahmad shared a genuine sense of enthusiasm over the project, "Am I dreaming? Working with Poppy? No, this is reality and is something I have to remind myself often. Creatively, she is the best out there at what she does, so having this opportunity to co-design this collection with her is nothing short of a dream come true."

Poppy's Little Secret arrives May 6th via Koi Footwear - HERE || Watch Poppy's most recent performance of the track, "Eat" during the 63rd annual Grammy Awards.


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